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Fire Prevention & Flameproofing Services in St. Petersburg, Florida

About Our Chemicals

We have over 50 years of experience using flameproofing chemicals in all types of applications.

The Chemicals used for flameproofing are specific to the job being done. The right chemicals can make all the difference when dealing with delicate fabrics that might be ruined when sprayed or when spraying on highly flammable surfaces.

Our experienced workers test everything before spraying on our long-lasting flameproofing chemicals. We know not only which chemicals can be safely used, but also the right concentration for the job.

We use only long-lasting, reliable chemicals that have been proven to give expert results every time.

Applications & Drying

Our clear chemical is sprayed from a high-pressure sprayer to ensure the best application. Depending on the size of the job and how many people we send to your location, the entire process can take 3 hours to 4 days.

Drying times vary for our chemicals because of the different materials they are sprayed on. However, you can't even tell it's there while it's drying!

As soon as the solution has dried, the flameproofing is effective for up to five years of fire prevention safety for your employees and guests.

All Chemicals and applications are in compliance with regulations set forth by the Florida State Fire Marshall.
~~~~~ Certificates are Issued for All Work ~~~~~

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